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02. MR. BAD
07. EVIL
11. I'M A RAM

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Excellent second studio disc by this authentic blues/rock band from Indiana featuring 11 tracks of tracks of top-shelf, soul-powered, twin guitar fueled blues rockin' six string excellence. On "Blues Alliance", the Head Honchos get down with pure blues power and rock their good mojo at the crossroads.

The Head Honchos are fronted by the impressive father/son guitar team of Rocco Sr. & Rocco Jr. Calipari who both land solid together as bad-ass axeslingers on a mission to keep the blues alive on their superb sophmore effort complete with the first-rate rhythm section of Mike Boyle on bass and Will Wyatt on drums. Diggin' deep with groove & swagger between a rock and a blues place, the mighty Head Honchos burn the house down and deliver a killer set of high-octane, old-school, blues-based, heavy guitar rock n' roll on this essential Highly recommended Grooveyard Records disc.

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02. MR. BAD
07. EVIL
11. I'M A RAM








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Head Honchos, a heavy-duty blues-rock band from Indiana, grabbed my full attention from the git-go with their second album Blues Alliance. This power-quartet, centered on dual guitars manned by lead vocalist Rocco Calipari Sr. and his son Rocco Calipari Jr. is definitely a band that deserves a hell of a lot of attention. Comprising the rest of the band is bassist Mike Boyle and drummer Will Wyatt. Eleven tracks in length, the album features nine outstanding originals and two stellar covers.

I love the dirty, greasy groove on “Mr. Bad”. It sounds so damn good paired up with the ripping guitars from the Caliparis. Raw and blood-thirsty vocals from Rocco Sr. take full command. “She Got That Thing” is nearly six minutes of funky rockin’ bliss. I have to give bonus points for solos from Wyatt on drums, and Boyle on bass. Another song that digs right in is “Can’t Be Satisfied” with its fearless driving rhythm, pounding drums, and infectious riff. Scooped up by the Chuck Berry influence on “Rock n’ Roll”, I grab on tight for the ride and enjoy this no-holds-barred rocker.

Their cover of “Evil”, written by Willie Dixon and originally recorded by Howlin’ Wolf is magnificent. This performance is so reminiscent of classic Zeppelin. A breakneck pulse, searing guitars, and fearless vocals make this the stand-out track. The record closes with another fantastic cover. Serendipitously, very shortly before I decided to review this album, I became enthralled with Big Ass Truck’s version of the Al Green song, “I’m A Ram”. Then I discovered that song was covered by Head Honchos too. Al Green made it soulful. Big Ass Truck made it funky. Govt Mule made it somewhat reggae. Now Head Honcho gives it a swampy makeover, with lots of slide and some juicy harp from Wyatt.

Blues Alliance is a record I very highly recommend. It’s going down as one of my favorites of the year.

Phillip Smith / Philly Cheeze's Rock & Blues Reviews (February 2021)

Listening to this latest Head Honchos record, it is hard to believe it is just a quartet. The acrobatic drummer Will Wyatt (formerly with Bob Stroger and Mike Wheeler), alone, shapes a vibrar of skins that seems worthy of an entire percussion section. In perfect alignment with the drums, Mike Boyle's bass (former Son Seals bassman), even with the soul of a rocker, rides the pulse of a rhythm that smells of funk and flies up, up, up to the head of the Honchos, a two-headed creature formed by the dueling and complementary guitars of Rocco Calipari Sr. and Jr: father and son. And Calipari himself - father! - has a long history having lent his guitar to guys like Buddy Guy, Carl Weathersby, Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry.

Curricula aside or, perhaps, also thanks to them, the chemistry of this band corrodes from the first song. On an undoubtedly bluesy solid base, the tight, insistent rhythm, with multiplied figures (doubled, tripled) forms the magic carpet for the sharp intersection of the two matching guitars; an intersection that, at times, recalls previous, prodigious crossings like those of Duane Allman with Dicky Betts or of Gary Rossington with Allen Collins. However far from that southern rock, Head Honchos prove to embody the best spirit of blues-rock: the energetic and authentically inventive one.

Throughout a record that does not grant truce, the voice of Calipari Sr. is a melted glass icing that covers a cake of hard granite. And don't be fooled by titles that look like covers but aren't! Can't Be Satisfied is not the remake of the famous piece by Muddy Waters; as well as, Midnight Ride is not the paraphrase of the famous Allman Brothers song. Here, almost everything is unpublished except for a distorted, surprising and overwhelming version of Evil, an ancient hit by Howlin 'Wolf, reinterpreted here in the key of psychedelic hard blues fused in an unavoidable magma flow.

The rhythm, as if we were at a rave party, is always pressing. Always, except, surprisingly, at the end where, in acoustic guitars and percussion, the wild and recalcitrant spirit of the not yet Reverend Al Green and his I'm A Ram relives.

Giovanni Robino / Macalle Blues (November 2020)

On the heels of 2018’s Bring It On Home, the Calipari boys and Head Honchos return with their stronger and more focused sophomore offering, Blues Alliance. Led by the father-son guitar duo of Rocco Calipari Sr. and Rocco Calipari Jr., the four-piece outfit stays true to their debut’s formula without sounding formulaic. Like its predecessor, the album focuses on the varied guitar voicings of the Caliparis. Straightforward rock riffs are mixed in with a myriad of blues licks, slide solos and a couple of brief flirtations with speed metal. It’s a guitar lover’s feast.

Almost as distinctive as the familial fret shredding is the visceral growl of Calipari Sr.’s voice. In a sea of overwrought, affected low-register rock screamers, it is refreshing to hear Calipari’s authentic, un-polished singing. Whether by inherent ability, or natural aging from years as a frontman, there is a natural distortion in his voice that perfectly compliments the hard-edge sound of Head Honchos. And although usually overshadowed by the Caliparis, the rhythm section of Mike Boyle (bass) and Will Wyatt (drums) are also a seamless match for the album’s hard-charging rock.

“Stuck Between The Middle” dives straight into blistering guitar with opening runs and creative licks throughout. The Caliparis effortlessly share soloing duties here as they do on the following “Mr. Bad,” and indeed much of the album. As important as instrumental brilliance is to the success of Blues Alliance, they excel in not only altering the playing styles on these interludes, but also varying the tonal coloring. Wah-heavy solos are usually countered by straight distortion bursts, and the differing approaches by father and son keep things interesting.

“Can’t Be Satisfied” features Calipari Sr.’s best vocal performance of the set. Combined with some of their most creative guitar playing and a great underlying groove, it is one of the album’s best songs. “Midnight Ride” also vies for that title by way of a darker, more ominous tone created in part by organ and harmonica additions to the mix.

Although some of the strongest songs on Blues Alliance are of the hard rock variety, the rollicking slide-based “Number One” will please fans partial to the early-Clapton sound, and “She Got That Thang” offers a funky rhythm and a few tempo changes thrown in near the end. Even more versatile are the final trio of tunes that culminate with the earthy “I’m A Ram.” It’s a surprising ending considering the high-energy, electrified character that dominates the album. Not only is the laid-back number a great closer, it makes listeners wonder why the band doesn’t try this acoustic approach more often.

While the best of the band still lies in the dazzling instrumental chops of its members, the uptempo and energetic tracks on Blues Alliance are a marked improvement upon its predecessor. Here, the original songs have far more depth and diversity than on Bring It On Home, and the cover of Howlin’ Wolf’s “Evil” is an inspired effort that beats any homage on the previous LP. Blues Alliance is a solid album and an important reminder that subtle blues treasures often come from unheralded bands that perhaps don’t get the recognition they deserve.

Willie Witten / Blues Rock Review (November 2020)

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Blues Alliance, from Head Honchos, and it's a rocking jam party. Opening with Stuck Between The Middle, Head Honchos had a heavier, rockier sound than on earlier releases with the addition of Mike Boyle on bass and Will Wyatt on drums. Rocco Calipari Sr. and Rocco Calipari Jr manage the guitar leads handily with sr on lead vocal as well. Mr. Bad keeps that driving rock beat and with head snapping drum work milks a scorching guitar tone from the axes. Adding in a little rhythmic funk on She Got That Thang, Sr's vocals add swagger on a southern rock flavored entry. Mark Landes adds keys on this track and guitar soloing it strong. Can't Be Satisfied is another track with a funky underpinning and a "Jimi" like attack on guitar gives it a turbo boost. Wyatt's drumming on Willie Dixon's Evil is intense and overall reminds me of a supercharged Warpigs attack with excellent "metal" fused guitar soloing. Driving boogie, Rock 'n Roll sets up a real nice platform for paired lead vocals by the Caliparis and after a flurry of solid riffs, breaks back into a cool blues jam. Very nice. Wrapping the release is a total acoustic blues rework of Al Green's I'm A Ram. With cool acoustic slide work , paired with simple acoustic guitar, light percussion and soulful vocals, a different take on an often covered track. Nice closer.

B'Mans Blues Report (November 2020)

You should have seen this coming a mile away.

Having lived most of my life in some portion of the infamous “Tornado Alley”, I know the routine only too well. Well generally to the southeast of us, there will be severe weather. I look out my window to an often gorgeous day but soon in the distance I will see ominous clouds. You can watch it arrive from a great distance as this intense and powerful system makes its way through middle Tennessee.

I have been telling readers for several years now about the Detroit born, greater Chicago area based blues/rock guitarist Rocco Calipari, Sr. I first heard him play in the great band “Howard and the White Boys” and have subsequenty been honored to have written reviews for his band Head Honchos. His son, Rocco Jr., came first through “Howard and the White Boys” at about the ripe old age of 15, then on to play with his Dad in the Honchos. In each CD I reviewed of theirs, you could hear so much growth in their sound, skill, and engineering that they always left me looking into the future at what was surely to come. With their release of “Blues Alliance”, I feel safe to say that what I have been waiting on has arrived in full force.

“Blues Alliance” pretty well sums up why as a young man in the early 60s, I fell hopelessly and forever under the influence of blues/rock music. In 1964 when those legendary British bands sent over albums which were heavily influenced by American blues artists, I was officially in love. In those days I lived in the same neck of the woods as Lonnie Mack and his music further solidified my own personal “Blues Alliance”. This was passionate, hard driving, high energy, sweat drenched, and powerfully played music. In my dictionary, those words form my definition of the “Head Honchos” band and music.

Rocco Calipari, Sr. and company have put together an outstanding recording in “Blues Alliance”. This set is as high energy and hard driving as any recording I have heard in a long while. Rocco Sr. and Rocco Jr. have long now delivered a Joe Louis level one-two punch on guitar. On this recording, they had added a very gifted rhythm section of Mike Boyle on bass and Will Wyatt on drums, and these two gentlemen now round out a now very formidable line up. I cannot tell you how much the addition of this rhythm section has complimented the two headed guitar monster of Rocco & Rocco. I doubt Rocco could have chosen two better players to add, and I surely hope this lineup can stay together for a while, they have the opportunity of being special The songs lyrically are good and honest and Rocco’s vocals are very enjoyable. But in all honesty, it’s the music that will leave you wanting more. Most every tune except perhaps the more mid tempo but equally as enjoyable “I’m a Ram” are very in your face type tracks.

From the opening bell, “Blues Alliance” delivers atomic blues/rock energy via “Stuck Between the Middle”, which shows you early their proven formula for the succeeding tracks: soaring guitars, strong vocals, thunderous rhythm section, add a dash of wah, all drenched in Head Honchos attitude. Track #2, “Mr. Bad” pretty well explains my opinion of Rocco, Sr: a guitarist who is purely bad to the bone. This track is especially interesting as it features the insertion of a well conceived mid song gentle section, which I have labeled “the eye of the storm”. After the eye passes in “Mr. Bad” there are more gale force winds to finish. Every track in some form or fashion is described in the three sentances above, as the recording is consistent and consistently excellent. “She Got That Thang” may be my favorite on this set, but the material on this recording is so good it is very difficult to choose favorites.

“Blues Alliance” receives the coveted by rarely given Bluesrock.reviews “I’d watch an entire politcal debate on TV if my wife would let me buy a Head Honchos CD” seal of approval.

Tom Branson / Blues Rock Reviews (October 2020)

Beginning with the first track, “Stuck Between the Middle,” the listener is given an immediate ‘heads-up.’ This is NOT going to be a passive listening experience. Head Honchos kick out electric blues rock in all its thundering back line and screaming guitar glory.

The band is made up of father/son duo Rocco Calipari Sr. and Jr. Rocco Sr. is a skilled guitar teacher and since 1995 has been playing lead guitar for Howard and The White Boys. He recorded with Buddy Guy on Howard and the White Boy’s CD, The Big Score. Additionally, he has played with Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Carl Weathersby, Son Seals, and many other famous artists. Rocco Jr. first sat in with Howard and the White Boys when he was just 15 years old. He attended the Guitar Institute in L. A. where he studied with Carl Verheyen (Super Tramp), jazz/blues great Scott Henderson, and famed blues instructor/writer Keith Wyatt. His approach to guitar, while grounded in rock and blues, is keenly aimed at a post modern interpretation of American roots music. Bassist Mike Boyle (Son Seals, Big Dog Mercer) holds the bottom down hard while drummer Will Wyatt (Bob Stroger, Mike Wheeler) provides a booming heartbeat.

This isn’t your grandma’s blues rock album. Blues Alliance is the epitome of rockin’ blues. The dual, shrieking guitar attack of the Caliparis combined with Rocco Sr.’s burly vocals is the fluffy, fiberglass frosting on a cake made of solid granite. The funk slathered “Mr. Bad,” followed by the all too short, anthemic, Southern rocker “Number One,” are brilliant in their early onslaught. Don’t let some of my descriptors turn you off. They’re meant to outline the genius of a band that has taken a solid blues base, and virtually launched it into the stratosphere.

“She Got That Thang,” brings the funk rhythm out in full force and creates a danceable track, while still maintaining the biting guitar licks for which the band is famous. The dual, harmonic guitar leads are reminiscent of early Allman/Betts or Rossington/Collins. The band also gives some to Wyatt and Boyle on this track allowing their individual talents to shine as they would at a live show. It’s a nice touch.

While “Can’t Be Satisfied” is not a cover of the Muddy Waters classic, “Evil” is an ass-kicking, 3-minute, hard-as-nails cover of Howlin’ Wolf’s blues standard. The Wolf was known to scare the hell out of those who were seeing him play for the first time, and the same may be said of Head Honchos to the uninitiated. Wyatt creates the sound of an entire percussion section and the guitar work takes on a whole new version of haunting.

The whole world of Blues Alliance takes an incredibly unexpected turn with the album’s final track. The only time, it seems, that the band takes a breath is with their acoustic, front-porch, bluesy cover of Al Green’s “I’m a Ram.” The recognizable thunder-clap of drums is traded for the rhythmic playing of what could very well be boxes and paint buckets, while the father/son Calipari duo exchange their howling electric guitars for slide played resonators. It’s not only a palate cleanser to end the album, but a testament to the Head Honchos versatility.

Released on September 1st via Grooveyard Records, Blues Alliance is the consummate blues rock experience for 2020. With all the bad stuff that’s gone on this year, this album refreshes my blues lovin’, little rock ‘n roll heart.

JD Nash / American Blues Scene (September 2020)

Intense and impactful, HEAD HONCHOS's Blues Rock comes to us from Indiana with a second album that will delight lovers of beautiful guitars, especially. Composed of Rocco Calipari Sr and Jr on guitars, which gives a more than explosive family duo, the band is completed by Mike Boyle on bass and Will Wyatt on drums. And the four of them, they have a resume long as their arm... and it gets along!

Hot boiling, the quartet is based on the Chicago Blues to which they booked shock treatment. On ′′ Blues Alliance ", no truce but twin guitars to lose their minds, hyper-effective solos and riffs to fall on the floor (′′ Mr Bad ", ′′ She Got that Thang ′′). For his second album only, HEAD HONCHOS holds the reins of his Blues Rock.

After working in almost every Blues register, HEAD HONCHOS has created a beautiful alliance whose goal seems to revisit and modernize gender. Big guitars sometimes Folk, sometimes Heavy, imperial rhythm and a more true and authentic song, the American quartet sets the bar very high and seems to have fun like kids... A treat!

The four Bluesmen form much more than an alliance and are able to sink into very Rock 'n' Roll titles like others purely Blues. From ′′ Evil ′′ to ′′ We Will Win ", Americans delight and honor the two guitarists as virtuososo as well. HEAD HONCHOS also sinks into very Southern (′′ I'm The Ram ′′) landslides as well as heavy riffs. Happiness!

Rock N' Force (September 2020)

Head Honchos’ sophomore album is a bucket of blistering blues/rock. As much as I enjoyed last year’s Bring It On Home, I find Blues Alliance to be even more satisfying on a physical and emotional level… these guys are letting it all hang out. I love the blues, especially when they rock, and Indiana’s Head Honchos deliver with room to spare.

‘Alliance’ is defined as “an association formed to advance a common cause”, and Head Honchos are breathing heaping amounts of rock & roll into their blues. The band is Detroit’s own Rocco Calipari Sr. & Jr. on guitars, and this time out they add the nimble bass work of Mike Boyle and some serious drumming skill by way of Will Wyatt. Listening to this album is like getting mugged by The Kentucky Headhunters’ Live At Ramblin’ Man Fair last year, like a blues street fight. The muscular riffs are huge, the lead guitar (Rocco Sr. or Jr.?) dangerous, and the rhythm section is just steaming. The bass playing of Mike Boyle is particularly noteworthy, in a jaw-dropping John Paul Jones kind of way- articulate and expressive with some jazz articulation.

Even with a title like Blues Alliance it’s sure tempting to treat this disc like straight up rock & roll; after all it does have that kind of oomph, but there’s no mistaking the blues heart that beats within this beast. No production notes with this one but whoever was calling the shots came up with a righteous mix; dense and chewy in an immensely satisfying way. Somewhere, the ghost of Stevie Ray Vaughan has a huge grin on his face over this one.

With the brute force at play here, Blues Alliance is a wrecking ball of an album. For the solos in a track like Evil, you can practically see the Caliparis standing with feet wide apart and looking skyward as their eyeballs roll back in their heads when they let ‘er rip. Hard guitar-based rock & roll is one of my very favorite things, and when you combine it with the blues as Head Honchos have done here, I’m hooked. If you like your blues hard and fast, you won’t find a better album this year than Blues Alliance.

KEY CUTS: Evil, Stuck Between The Middle, She Got That Thang

John The Rock Doctor / Gonzookanagan (September 2020)

The Rocco Brothers (Father & Son guitar team) are here to stay! Listening to Head Honchos’ latest release is a joy — a relentless pleasure that starts at climax and finishes off there as well. This is top-notch blues-rock that starts fully formed from the get-go, but once these two guitarists unleash their chops, watch out! This is “take-no-prisoners” guitar work. To me, this is a two Stevies kind of thing: SRV meets Steve Vai. That is to say that while one Rocco has the soul and mood of Stevie Ray, the other has the chops and pyrotechnics of the Vai Man himself! Some creative harp playing thrown into the mix, too. Loud riff counterbalanced by funk, and even one soft song, acoustic blues, emanating great feel and guitar nectar that oozes into your ears. Mostly original tunes, this CD is has polished songs with an air of improvisation — the best of both worlds! My favorite track: ‘Evil’ is done to perfection, not in terms of emulating Wolf but in picking up where Cactus leaves off. And that’s what these guys have perfected — taking the roots of blues and rock and melding them together, adding a hard edge, virtuosity, and transforming it into new music that has the vibe of the ages. Blue-rock at its best.

Steven J. Rosen / Author + Journalist (September 2020)

"The Blues are a dynamic art form, and when they are rocking they are even better. Head Honchos truly deliver on both accounts..." LA Music Critic

IndiePulse Music Magazine has listened to the new album by HEAD HONCHOS, which titled, BLUES ALLIANCE is the culmination of talent that is not only enjoyable but inspirational. BLUES ALLIANCE was released on September 1st, 2020 on Grooveyard Records.

HEAD HONCHOS combines the talents of Rocco Calipari Sr. and Rocco Calipari Jr. the skillful bass of Mike Boyle (Son Seals and Big Dog Mercer) and the world-class drumming of Will Wyatt (Bob Stroger, Mike Wheeler and Joann Parker). Rocco Calipari Sr. has worked with notable groups such as Howard and The White Boys, Buddy Guy, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Carl Weathersby and others. BLUES ALLIANCE reveals the ‘common cause’ to be a ‘Blues for a New Century’!

This amazing 11-track CD, is a testament to the brilliant talent of all the artists involved and is in itself a majestic musical powerhouse that demands attention and should be enjoyed by all, with a foundation in classic blues but with modern interpretations and a no nonsense attitude towards a perfect sound.

From the first track to the last, the album BLUES ALLIANCE is magnificent, with an exciting opening track “Stuck Between The Middle“, which has a late 60’s / Early 70′ electro-funk appeal and powerful lyrical presence, this album just bangs ’em out, one after the other, and the hits keep coming.

BLUES ALLIANCE has been called a ” joyfully active listening experience”, and it surely is, toe tapping and head swinging, some tracks, ‘Mr. Bad’ have a hard rock flavor, then the band flips it with the track “She Got That Thang’ which takes on a New Orleans revival feel.

HEAD HONCHOS blows you away with a Hard Rock Anthem track ‘Evil’ which is a free for all and filled with fire. the album concludes with a triumphant finish with the band’s exceptional interpretation of the quintessential blues number ‘I’m A Ram’.

BLUES ALLIANCE is THE essential Blues CD release of 2020 to add to your collection.

Joseph Timmons / IndiePulse Music (September 2020)

The Head Honchos just dropped a new album on Grooveyard Records. It’s titled Blues Alliance. But first, for those not yet familiar with the artist in question, a bit o’ background.

According to their official website, The Head Honchos are an Indiana-born band with a family feel. The blues-rock band’s roster includes Rocco Calipari Sr. (guitar and lead vocals), his son Rocco Calipari Jr. (guitar), Will Wyatt (drums and backing vocals), and Mike Boyle (bass).

Rocco Calipari Sr’s “previous alliances” include Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Buddy Guy, Howard, and The White Boys, Carl Weathersby, and more. He is an international performer who has often played at Chicago’s internationally-acclaimed Blues Festival and other major festivals from Hawaii to Canada’s famous Tremblant International Blues Festival.

His son, Rocco Calipari Jr. has attended the Guitar Institute in Los Angeles. There he was instructed by the likes of Supertramp’s’ Carl Verheyen, Tribal Tech founder Scott Henderson, and L.A.-based guitarist, instructor, and writer Keith Wyatt.

Completing the musical picture, Mike Boyle has worked with the likes of Son Seals and Big Dog Mercer. Will Wyatt has worked with such other artists as Bob Stroger, Mike Wheeler, and Joann Parker.

Signature sound

The Head Honchos’ signature sound is an eclectic mix of multiple music genres including hard rock, Chicago-style blues, southern rock, soul, and funk. ‘It’s what Calipari Sr. calls “Blues for a New Century.”

Blues Alliance

This is the group’s second release. The disc includes 11 tracks and has a running time of over 43 minutes.

Track by Track
The album opens on “Stuck Between The Middle.” It’s an effective and immediate audio indication of what the band’s been doing since their debut disc dropped and what the listener is in for here on the new CD. The second selection is “Mr. Bad.” Not to be confused with the 2001 song of the same name by pop-rock act AV8, this is a HH original. It’s also an early fan fave. “Number One” is next. No, it’s not a cover of the 1978 song by The Rutles. This is no Beatles parody. It’s a southern rock-soaked blues bit that really moves. “She Got That Thang” is another early fan fave. It’s made for a live audience. You can almost picture the scantily-clad gals bopping about in the summer sun at some festival somewhere. “Find Me A Woman” follows here. The band continues to demonstrate what fun can be had with a skilled quartet and some solid songwriting. The next number is “Can’t Be Satisfied.” Thus far the songs flow well from track to track as the boys in the band work it. Still, this cut might be overshadowed by its playlist neighbors. This “Evil” is not a cover of the 2018 Interpol track. It's a cover of a Howlin' Wolf song. It’s a cautionary cut. Unfortunately, this is the kind of overpowering evil that draws you into the mix. You know how it is, safe might be better than sorry but it’s not nearly as fun. “Midnight Ride” might evoke images of a lone wolf motorcycle bandit racing for his life. It’s also custom made for a wild Red Bull-fueled road trip. So throw your s**t in the trunk and let’s go. It rocks! “We Will Win” serves up another heapin’ helping of the band’s energetic music. Something about this one is oddly familiar but yet it’s totally new and comes complete with refreshing lead vocals. “Rock N’ Roll” is what it is. What else do you need to know? Rock out, man, as they play you through rock n’ roll history in this tuneful tip of the hat to those who came before. The closing cut is the swampy “I’m A Ram.” Yeah, before you go, the Head Honchos are gonna give you one final example of what they can do and make you want more.

Overall, the songs focus on several different subjects. What seems to be the unifying factor to this group of songs is the band’s solid, recognizable signature sound. (Well, OK, they sound like they’re having a good time in the studio, too.)

Most importantly, this disc is the latest proof of how this band continually works to creatively refine their signature sound “for a musically astute 21st Century audience.” So check out the Head Honchos’ Blues Alliance and you just might decide that the band is “Number One.”

Will Phoenix / HVY Journalists (September 2020)