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Excellent Live disc by this soul-powered blues/rock axeslinger mojo man from Italy featuring 10 tracks (65 mins) of pure, authentic, old-school, blues-based, boogiefied, heavy guitar rockin' power trio jams that will kick your ass & rock your damn blues away. Jimi Barbiani is a legit, world-class, blues/rock guitarist who speaks the same musical language of the six string legends on "Boogie Down The Road-Live". Brother Barbiani digs in deep on his guitar and shines from start to finish on this dynamic, electrified Live disc that rocks the blues & showcases his awesome slide guitar playing talents. Highly recommended to fans of Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks, Allman Brothers, ZZ Top, Johnny Winter, Rory Gallagher, Eric Clapton, Cream, Hendrix & Jeff Beck.

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Successful live album by the Italian.

Even if Signore Barbiani- despite various appearances, such as at the "Burg Herzberg Festival" and various publications - has not yet really made himself known to us, he is one of the great blues musicians in his home country. Countless appearances at relevant festivals as well as sessions at gigs with Eric SARDINAS or Devon ALLMAN bear witness to this and also make it clear that Jimi BARBIANI must be a gifted musician.

He also proves this with this live album, on which the well-captured, intimate club atmosphere is positively noticeable from the start. Likewise, the selection of third-party compositions with which Jimi and his colleagues on bass and drums not only demonstrate their craftsmanship, but also exquisite taste. There are certainly more original standards, but there is nothing to complain about when it comes to the implementation of immortal classics such as 'Boogie Chillen', 'La Grange', 'Cause We Ended As Lovers' or 'Hey Joe'. The auditorium obviously saw it that way during the recorded gig, because these tracks were all accordingly heard louder than the homegrown ones.

Jimi BARBIANI also knows how to please as a composer and just as logically as a string artist. With his very obvious preference for slide heroes like Sonny LANDRETH, he always lets the strings glow accordingly, but he also has the boogie in the style of Muddy WATERS or John Lee HOOKER.

Genre specialists therefore know what to do and even those who tend towards the blues can't go wrong here!

Walter Scheurer / Power Metal - Germany (February 2018)

The Italian singer / guitarist Jimi Barbiani has been discussed at Blues Magazine several times. He was a guest at the Westendorp Bluesnight in 2015 and Blues Magazine has interviewed him and his last album 'Blue Slide' from 2014 was also discussed and received excellent reviews. Jimi has been seen for years as one of the best slide guitarists in Europe and this album proves that for sure. From the fans there was a demand for a live album for quite some time, because according to them, his music on stage is the best. No sooner said than done, and that live CD is for us.

The band consists of the permanent line-up with Jimi on guitar and vocals, Daniele Vicario on bass and vocals and Gianluca Zavan on drums. On this CD they are assisted by Pietro Taucher and Nicholas Zampa on keyboards. There are ten songs on the album of which six are covers. Those covers have their own touch and that's always good in a live setting. The critical listener may find it too much and too chewy, but they are really brought very well. Technically, it is perfectly organized.

The CD starts with a delicious, steamy boogie Boogie Chillen. The very good rhythm section puts a fine base full of beautiful grooves on which the virtuoso slideshow of Jimi excels. Looking For The Truth is a slow blues in which the guitar and the keyboards of Pietro enter into a kind of duel. Deep bass lines give the song extra shine. The instrumental Sad Soul is very relaxed, quiet and drums with brushes and subdued bass. Beautiful number. Then follows the cover La Grange from ZZ Top: this rocks great. Here Daniel Vicario does the singing and that fits well with this song. Fiery solos from Jimi with a steamy rhythm section give it its own twist. The well-known Cause We've Ended As Lovers by Stevie Wonder, but best known for the unparalleled performance of Jeff Beck, one of Jimi's great examples and influences, comes afterwards. It has to be said: they make a beautiful performance here, just like our own Leif de Leeuw can! The classic Hey Joe made famous by Jimi Hendrix has spherical guitar sounds that change from the left and the right speaker, delicious keyboard playing with solo and heavy riffs, just great. Ten O'Clock Train is a solid slide instrumental and rocks fantastic. The rhythm follows the rhythm of a steam train that goes faster and faster. It sweeps you just like Davy's On The Road Again from Manfred Mann. One of the most covered songs I think, Going Down brings nothing new but pops out of the boxes. It always performs well live, recognizable to the public and sing-along level is usually high. Pietro Taucher puts down an excellent piano solo in Look On Yonder Wall in which Daniel Vicario takes care of the vocals again. The CD closes with Boogie Man's own boogie, which rocks and vaporizes on all sides. A fitting ending to a great live album that has not for nothing 'Boogie Down The Road Live!' as a title.

Conclusion: The Jimi Barbiani Band has in 'Boogie Down The Road Live!' a delicious CD that does justice to their live performance. Good guitar playing from start to finish, a top rhythm section and the keyboard additions add an extra dimension. The fact that there are a lot of covers on it can be a bit of a problem for some, but they are well executed and these songs are live as a house. For lovers of boogie, slide guitar and live albums a must.

André Wittebroek / Blues Magazine (March 2018)

JIMI BARBIANI - a name that melts in your mouth like a marvelous tannin. Already the first title "Boogie Chillen" makes me enthusiastically call: "hell yeah!" - one of my favorite titles of John Lee Hooker. And what Jimi Barbiani makes of it is really cool. Announced simply as "The Jimi Barbiani Band" and thus should be clear to the last - this is live and authentic to the point - rude and loud, I might add. "Good evening - we got some blues for you" is the short statement from Chief Jimi, who immediately gives his creed: "Looking For The Truth" and I let myself be drawn into the slow headbanging blues groove, to which Pietro Taucher contributes awesome Hammond organ vibes that remind me of the classic Rockers of Deep Purple in the 70s. Because I only got the CD and a business card on my table, I'll take a look at what the web has to offer. Jimi Barbiani is one of the best rock blues slide guitarists in Europe, influenced by Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Free etc, who played on stage with Eric Sardinas (aha!), Devon Allman and the North Mississippi All Stars "And has been hired as Opening Act for Mayall, Plant, TYA, Steppenwolf (are they still around?) and Johnny Winter. Very meaningful! Meanwhile the Italian musician plays, who released two solo albums in 2010 and 2014, a wonderful lyrical solo in the instrumental "Sad Soul", then the post goes off in the "ZZ Top" boogie classic "La Grange" and I have to say a rat-sharp sound, the guitarist has managed to get this live recording! Great art is offered in the sprawling, long jam "Cause We've Ended As Lovers", which was originally released in the mid 70s by Jeff Beck and played here with a big helping of passion. "Hey Joe" I leave out, the topic is already a bit too exhausted, if I hear the Hendrix cover anywhere I usually pack my bundle and go, but here I fetch myself instead a delicious Kilkenny and wait patiently for the next piece. And in the end, I let myself get carried away by the onset psychedelic feedback orgy, which is otherwise rare to hear in all the cover versions of this classic. With "Going Down" there is one of my eternal favorites - in the original by the British legend "Chicken Shack" (remember "Poor Boy"?). The concert was played on January 21, 2017 in "Castle Of Udine" and I would have liked to be in the front row, Jimi Barbiani, Daniele Vicario (bass), Gianluca Zavan (drums), Pietro Taucher (keyboards) and Nicholas Zampa in the last track on the keys have offered great blues rock cinema and should the band at some point in the vicinity give a guest performance, I would not miss this highlight. King Johnny Winter is dead - long live Prince Jimi Barbiani!

Music Newsletter (February 2018)

Italian blues master Jimi Barbiani releases his third record with his band and first on Grooveyard Records. Barbiani first gained his reputation with Back on The Tracks (2010) and Blue Side (2014) which featured Johnny Neel of the Allman Brothers / Gov’t Mule fame. With his live set boasting 10 songs (four originals and six blues standards) the listener gets a front row seat to the guitarist signature stomp and roll. John Lee Hooker’s ‘Boogie Chillen’ steps up to the plate with an electrified swagger allowing Barbiani to add subtle frills (string plucks and chord nuances) that spice up his 12-bar rattle. Bassist Daniele Vicario and drummer Gianluca Zavan are right there in the pocket building a bedrock of rhythm and groove. The guitarist's originals like the slow grinder ‘Looking for The Truth’, the passionate ‘Sad Soul’ and Delta-slide of ‘Ten O’clock Train’ inspire goosebumps as they penetrate deep into the soul.

As much in line with Michael Landau, Alvin Lee and Tinsley Ellis as with the bluesmen of the past, Barbiani lets the music move through him while his fingers interoperate an original musical language. Inspired version of ZZ Top’s ‘La Grange’, the sweet, almost jazzy, version of Steve Wonder’s ‘Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers’ and the driving Don Nix classic ‘Going Down’ all showcase the band’s ability to reinterpret the conventional while breathing new life and vision into the forefront. Timeless Elmore James tune ‘Look on Yonder Wall’ gets an old school workout when the band brings in a piano to give it a traditional bar room boogie feel. The disc closes with the appropriately titled ‘Boogie Man’ where a fully-fueled injection of rough-n-tumble geetar playing is made complete with a screaming electric organ. The dust never settles leaving the listener begging for more.

Todd K. Smith / The Electric Beard (February 2018)

Inspired by the likes of Jeff Beck, Joe Bonamassa and Jimi Hendrix, Italian left handed guitar slinger Jimi Barbiani is a man of tradition, a man of blues and a man with some serious fret histrionics. And yet if you look at the track selection for his live album, Boogie Down The Road – Live!, you'll discover that this Jimi also likes to mix it up and infuse his style with a serious dose of energetic riffmongery. With six of the ten cuts powerful covers, everyone from John Lee Hooker to ZZ Top are given an injection of Italian blues heaviness. And it's the busting bout of the double Z's, in the shape of "La Grange", that maybe gives the best example of what this man is capable of. The gritty classic handled with supreme respect but when it comes to the solo, Barbiani knows when to let rip and make sure you know it is him and his ideas you are hearing. The result is one of the best takes on this song I can remember. With Stevie Wonder's "Cause We've Ended As Lovers" revealed next, the contrast couldn't be any more sharp, the smooth tone and touch from the frets matched by some sumptuous keyboards from Pietro Taucher, who also guests on three other numbers.

The core of the band alongside Barbiani arrives in the shape of bassist Daniele Vicario and drummer Gianluca Zavan. This trio bringing the power you undoubtedly hope for but also the poise to know when to reveal a true understanding of the heart and soul required to make the likes of "Hey Joe" and "Look On Yonder Wall" both exhilarating and, when the mood requires it, exuberant. Four original Barbiani tracks appear and if there's one slight disappointment it's that with the jazzy, funky "Looking For The Truth", smooth and relaxed "Sad Soul" and railroad track bustin' "Ten O'Clock Train", so utterly captivating, the opportunity to hear more actual Barbiani would have been most welcome. However when you grind and slide along with "Going Down" (Don Nixon) there's no denying that when Barbiani and his band focus on someone else's song, boy do they go the distance; the rhythm section locked in tight as the guitar fires out incise attacks and never once misses its intended target. It really is a trait revealed throughout and one that leaves you wondering why this Italian fret-smith isn't much more renowned than he currently is.

Closing with the controlled thunder of Barbiani's own (and "Spirit In The Sky" reminiscent) "Boogie Man", where Nicholas Zampa makes his presence thoroughly felt on keyboards, the show comes to a crashing crescendo and one that lives long in the memory. Wherever Jimi Barbiani lays down his boogie blues shuffle is where the party's sure to be and whenever you put this excellent live disc in the player, that's certain to be where the fun goes through the roof. Get Down The Road and get your boogie on with Jimi – and that's an order!

Steven Reid / Sea Of Tranquility (February 2018)

When the review request for the Italian Jimi Barbiani Band arrived in our editorial office for their new album "Boogie Down The Road Live", I did not feel touched at first. The name did not mean anything to me. But then the title of the disc caught my attention. That sounded suspiciously like Blues Rock in some form. That's exactly my thing.

I was even more astonished when I discovered that there was actually a guest post in our archive that described the Jimi Barbiani Band live on stage in 2011 in the Dutch city of Geleen, where the author was quite impressed with the performance. There seemed to be a pretty hot band at work.

The guitarist and namesake of the band is already relatively long in the music business. From 2000 to 2005 he was a songwriter and guitarist member of the Jamrock band WIND , before he continued under his own name with the Jimi Barbiani band from 2009 onwards . In the meantime he worked with countless other artists and jammed with them on the most important festivals in Italy.

After "Back On The Tracks" (2010) and "Blue Slide" (2014) "Boogie On The Road Live" is the third album of the group, which is usually in trio line-up, but from time to time with keyboards added. Jimi Barbiani and bassist / vocalist Daniele Vicario are present from the beginning, while drummer Gianluca Zavan has been behind the shooting gallery since 2011.

Pietro Taucher and Nicholas Zampa also play the black and white keys on the new disc, which was recorded on January 21, 2017 at Castle Of Udine .

The ten songs of the recording are composed of four original compositions and six cover versions, which demonstrate the versatility of the Jimi Barbiani Band . Even the opener, John Lee Hooker's "Boogie Chilling" is not for Toupetträger. Short band announcement and the band enters without warning. With its power and dynamism, this boogie drops each leaf one by one from the tree. And Jimi lays down in two solos, first without and then with Bottleneck. What a start! Whoever was not awake in the audience was himself to blame.

With "Looking For The Truth" Slow Blues is announced. There is a full feeling program, and the organ underlays the harsh vocals perfectly, then becomes a solo instrument in the quieter middle section, before the six-string comes to a climax and a great dialogue between keys and strings can be heard. Great song!

"Sad Soul" is the next variation on the Jimi Barbiani Band . Instrumental, singing, delicate guitar reminiscent of Snowy White and Peter Green and also played as clearly and virtuoso. But then it is enough with the rest, because now e ZZ Top's "La Grange" hits the ears. Billy Gibbons would love this guitar work, not to mention the rhythm section that stomps everything in the ground.

But hardly is this blast through, it is again instrumental and calm. No sooner had you snuggled up to his sweetheart, as a "Hey Joe" rips from all dreams, but this time there is, in contrast to the original, an additional organ solo, before Jimi Barbiani skillfully travels in the footsteps of the legend from Seattle . The man is really on it!

Slide Blues is on "Ten O'Clock Train". Jimi ignites a hellish sound thunderstorm on this instrumental, which gradually increases in tempo, before it goes into a quieter part, but the tempo is kept up.

Somehow expected, after the previous song selection, the Don Nix classic "Going Down", one of the most covered songs in rock history. But even here, the great quality of the guitar playing is striking. The sounds are crystal clear and clean over.

The penultimate title is "Look On Yonder Wall" written by Elmore James in a boogie version with a great piano solo, which the Slide takes over perfectly. Sitting still is just not possible.

The conclusion of this recording is "Boogie Man". The name says it all. Pure boogie with a great use of the organ, a bit withdrawn from the tempo but still incredibly dynamic. And besides the compulsory sing-along chorus, Jimi also lets the bottleneck glow again.

"Boogie Down The Road Live" has become a really awesome album and immediately wakes up the desire of every listener to see the Jimi Barbiani Band live on stage. And until that happens, we still have this great concert recording.

Rocktimes - Germany (January 2018)

In recent years I have been fortunate enough to hear some blues-rock guitarists who did bring joyful grins including Jimi Barbiani from Italy, for nine years now on a solo path with various great musicians. I first heard of Jimi (his father is a big Hendrix fan) and his music in the 2000s, when he brought his axework to the fantastic southern jamband WIND. Since 2009, he has been traveling the world under his own name and band; in January 2017, with Jimi on guitar and vocals, he played a concert in the Castle of Udine, Italy, along with Daniele Vicario on bass and Gianluca Zavan on drums. Also, Pietro Taucher and Nicholas Zampa provided great key tones as you will hear. The CD includes ten compositions, four originals and six All Time classics.

The first song fits the Bob Hite (Canned Heat) saying "And don't forget to boogie" of course like the Gibson to Jimi and Jimi to Grandmaster John Lee Hooker's masterpiece "Boogie Chilling", whose version on the 1971 double LP "Hooker 'N'Heat" blew my hair back during the first hearing. And what do Jimi, Daniele and Gianluca do? A heart-stopping neck-sander, motto: "I feel so good ....".

Further on: "Looking For The Truth", a homegrown slow blues with gentle vocals, wonderful strings, call & response with Jimi and Pietro, a wonderful Blues! "Sad Soul": instrumental. And on top of that: Slide, goosebumps, Kippenvel, Pelle d'oca, Goosebumps.

"La Grange," the homage to Tres Hombres, Beard, Hill, and Gibbons, a live and party blast ever and ever, also in the issue here on this album, a smash hit that certainly shook some of the Castle's stones and stirred up dust. A Stevie Wonder composition follows: "Cause We've Ended As Lovers". And I'm repeating myself here in praising the groove team of Daniele and Gianluca, but also the great string work and fingering in this pure instrumental insert. And this also: the band and of course Jimi put their own stamp on the cover versions, like the following "Hey Joe", where Pietro also shines and this Hendrix classic behind Jimi B's. String work additionally pepper scatters. Great!

The "Ten O'clock Train" stirs us with an instrumental Slidekracher and raises the hairs on the back of your neck, which quickly reaches a level after a quiet introductory phase which would certainly please the current master of slide guitar, Mr. Sonny Landreth.

When I first heard "Goin' Down", a composition by Don Nix, in 1976 by Canadian killer guitarist Walter Rossi, I did not know it was a cover before buying the record, and what heaviness. The Jimi Barbiani Band breaks this song apart in its own way and inspires the listener to sign up for the Air Guitar Diploma.

Elmore James, one of the Slide Kings of the Blues, was one of the two authors of the penultimate song, "Look Under Yonder Wall". Pietro plays this with real pleasure, the rest of the crew follows, also down with the sound down to pianissimo, before the rocking final spurt launches.

The last just over nine minutes belong to the Barbiani / Drusin composition "Boogie Man", a track from the WIND album "Hypnotic Dream", in a league with Canned Heat and audience participation ... and the Slide tube glows and crackles ....

A live album that spreads a lot of fun and the band, who lives nearby, can be visited in the Netherlands at three concerts in mid-February (see the band's website).

Volker / RockBlogBluesSpot (January 2018)

Jimi Barbiani Band is the latest project from Jimi Barbiani. This Italian guitarist is one of the best blues rock slide guitarists in Europe. He made his name as guitarist of the band W.I.N.D .. With his new band he is now ready for his third album. In 2010 the debut album 'Back On The Tracks' was released, which was reasonably successful in Europe. As a promotion of that CD, Jimi successfully did an extensive European tour. The Jimi Barbiani Band is an alchemy of influences from artists like Jimi Hendrix, Joe Bonamassa, Jeff Beck and Gov't Mule. In the summer of 2014 the excellent album 'Blue Slide' was released, to which several guest musicians such as Johnny Neel, Piero Pattay, Cameron Williams, Allessandro Scolz and Gianni Massarutto cooperated. But the instrumental strength of the Jimi Barbiani Band is best expressed during live performances. The explosive sound and the intensity with which the class power trio can fully indulge themselves and which often leads to a long jam to the most passionate blues rock actually characterizes the Jimi Barbiani Band. Jimi is just like his namesake and example Jimi Hendrix a left-handed guitarist who plays from his soul. He always plays from the feeling and instinct and that he combines with his technical skills. From the fan base there was a long question for a live album and with 'Boogie Down The Road Live!' that album has finally come. The album was recorded during a concert at the Castle Of Udine in Italy on January 21, 2017. There are ten songs on the album and it was mixed and mastered by Luca Moreale and Jimi Barbiani.

There are four songs and six covers on 'Boogie Down The Road Live!'. The covers are not played after all, but are all fitted with a Jimi Barbiani jacket. With drummer Gianluca Zavan and bassist Daniele Vicario, Jimi has a very strong rhythm section next to him, which allows him to fully enjoy the six strings of his guitar and then the Italian guitar is virtuoso at its best. Daniele Vicario is not only a bass player, because in 'La Grange' and 'Look On Yonder Wall' he also takes care of the vocal part. On five songs Pietro Taucher reinforces this energetic trio on the keys and on the last song 'Boogie Man' it is Nicholas Zampa who takes care of the keys. In the Castle Of Udine, Jimi, Daniele and Gianluca open their concert with the John Lee Hooker cover 'Boogie Chillen'. The version of Jimy is much more energetic than the original version. Immediately the Italian slide shows King and hears what he can do, once the bottleneck is around his finger. The result is scorching and fat slide work, whose toes are curling with pleasure. Bassist Daniele Vicario and drummer Gianluca Zavan provide a dazzling and devastating groove on which the slide work of their frontman comes into its own. After this great start, the foot is taken off the accelerator for the blues rock ballad 'Lookin' For The Thruth '. In this own song by Jimi Barbiani you can enjoy the very clever combination and the instrumental virtuosity of Jimi on guitar and Pietro Taucher on the keyboards. With the instrumental 'Sad Soul', Jimi and his boys continue to walk the path of the slow blues. It is a song that can be put on an album by Carlos Santana. In this warm soulful blues song Jimi again very intensely and sensitively touches the strings of his guitar with the bottleneck and again proves why he belongs to one of the best slide guitarists in Europe.

Then the throttle is fully depressed for the devastating Texas rocker 'La Grange', a cover of ZZ Top. With a few select stops, the trio knows how to make this blues rocker even more engaging. The rhythm section with Gianluca Zavan on drums and Daniele Vicario on bass completely live out and provide a blistering groove. In this Texas rocker sung by Daniele, frontman Jimi Barbiani shows that he has very fast fingers and that results in razor sharp and splendid high quality strings. The instrumental love song 'Cause We've Ended As Lovers' was written by Stevie Wonder, but immortalized by Jeff Beck, one of Jimi's favorite guitarists. In this more than seven minutes long instrumental ballad, you can once again enjoy the soulful guitar work of the Italian guitar virtuoso. I am sure that I will not be the only one who gets goose bumps from this very intense and handsome string work. Also in the long version of 'Hey Joe', from the legendary guitar god Jimi Hendrix, Barbiani knows how to impress on his six string. Jimi Barbiani, like his idol Hendrix, is a left-handed guitarist, but that has never been an obstacle for both gentlemen to become the great guitarists they have become. The self-written, instrumental 'Ten O'Clock Train' is perhaps the best song on this beautiful album. 'Ten O'Clock Train' starts slowly with a phenomenal Jimi on slide, he is preparing the train to leave. Once his companions start playing on the stage, the train sets off for a scorching ride. The steam whistle goes and the train accelerates and accelerates and this is displayed in an irresistible way by the trio. Gianluca Zavan on drums and Daniele Vicario on bass are the temperamental rhythm section that provides a devastating groove with a lot of class, on which guitarist Jimi Barbiani puts the icing on the cake with irresistible slide work. The band is now in full swing and continues that blistering rhythm with the Freddie King cover 'Going Down', in which Jimi Barbiani makes his guitar vomit and cry and in which drummer Gianluca Zavan impresses with heavy but perfect driving percussion . The Jimy Barbiani Band continues at this horrendously high level with the classic 'Look On Younder Wall' by Elmore James. Gov't Mule also has a very clever version of this song and it is in that direction that Jimy, Daniele and Gianluca bring their version. Pietro Taucher is explicitly and excellently present on the keys and Barbiani once again shows his great class as a slide guitarist. This strong connection ends with 'Boogie Man', a song that Jimi wrote together with Fabio Drusin. In this infectious boogie Texas rocker, keyboard player Nicholas Zampa releases swirling keyboard work. Also in this catchy last song, Jimi manages to convince Barbiani again with sparkling strings. The album 'Boogie Down The Road Live!' is a must and a must have of every blues rock enthusiast. Jimi Barbiani Band is a strong power trio with class musicians and the frontman is one of the best guitarists and a slide specialist. There is more good news, especially for fans in the Netherlands because to promote this album Jimy Barbiani is coming to the Netherlands for three concerts. On 16 February he is a guest at Café Tom Tom in Heythuizen, on 17 February in De Taverne in Bergen and on February 18 in the Bluesclub XXL in Wageningen. Hopefully we will soon see this guitar virtuoso soon also in Belgium. (9/10)

Walter Vanheuckelom / Concert Monkey - Belgium (January 2018)

After hearing Clapton, Hendrix, Beck, Winter, and so on, you’d think there was little left to hear in the blues-rock vein. Enter Jimi Barbiani, who takes the blues-rock vein and shoots a mellifluous form of dope into it! As evidenced on his previous discs, both his solo material and with the band W.I.N.D., this guy is right up there with the best of them. But Barbiani brings new life to the music, and this is especially so on ‘Boogie Down the Road - Live.’ A tour de force of blues-rock, Barbiani shows what he’s got, and what he’s got is considerable. Aside from his straight playing, he has mastered slide, too, as one can hear on the CD's latter songs. His slide is as developed as that of Derek Trucks, and in some ways he is even more versatile. If you like blues-rock with guitar chops that can’t be duplicated, check out Barbiani’s new disc — it will transport you to the Delta via Mars, and send you back to earth as a new person! One with a renewed taste for the blues.

Steven J. Rosen / Author + Journalist (December 2017)

In 2010 the Jimi Barbiani Band debuted with 'Back On The Tracks'. The Jimi Barbiani Band was the new project of the left-handed Italian blues rock (slide) guitarist Jimi Barbiani. Barbiani was previously a guitarist of the band W.I.N.D. (Fabio Drusin: vocals, bass / Sandro Bencich: drums / Jimi Barbiani: guitar / Davide Gustincic: guitar / Stefano Caucich: guitar & Gianni Rainone: keys), with whom he recorded three albums. The JBB has been influenced by artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Joe Bonamassa, Jeff Beck and Gov't Mule. With his new band, Barbiani is already on his third (a live) album.

The JBB is a power trio that consists of bass player Daniele Vicario and drummer Gianluca Zavan. His live album is an album with four original songs and six covers. The vocals are divided between Barbiani and Vicario. On keys they receive support from Pietro Taucher and Nicholas Zampa.

With JL Hooker's "Boogie Chillen" Barbiani opens in a castle in Udine with lots of slides and at high speed, his 'Boogie Down The Road Live!' "Looking For the Truth", a slow blues in which Pietro Taucher demonstrates on keyboards and the Latino tinted, some melancholy instrumental "Sad Soul" are Barbiani's first originals. From ZZ Top follows the boogie "La Grange" and from Stevie Wonder the instrumental "Cause We've Ended As Lovers". Rock musician Billy Roberts' hit "Hey Joe" was also a favorite of The Jimi Hendrix Experience and obviously did not escape the attention of Barbiani. "Ten O'Clock Train" is Barbinai's third original. In the song you can hear the train approaching Barbiani's slide work. Don Nix 'known' Going Down 'is almost never missing in a live blues show and Elmore James' "Look On Yonder Wall" is also a "must" for a slide musician. How to close better afterwards than with your own number that says a lot about you? With "Boogie Man", Barbiani puts an end to it after more than an hour. In this long boogie he could count on the support of keyboard player Nicholas Zampa.

Jimi Barbiani is a born live entertainer. He demonstrates this extensively on this live album. His 'Boogie Down the Road Live!' Is an excellent blues / rock album in which Barbiani's slide guitar plays an important role. In January Barbiani (feat Pietro Taucher) promotes his album. A few shows are planned in the Netherlands. Check for more info and / or all tour dates the website of the artist/band.

Eric Schuurmans / Rootstime (Belgium) (December 2017)