Established in 1999, Grooveyard Records is an independent record company from Upstate New York that is owned and operated by Joe "grOOveDaWg" Romagnola. A serious retro heavy guitar freak who has a passion for REAL Guitar Rock Mojo featuring the timeless, classic Riffage that Matters. Guitar Rock is our Religion at Grooveyard Records & we are on a Six String Mission to Keep the Rock alive.

For many years, the music industry has turned it's back on heavy guitar rock music and Grooveyard Records wanted to do the "right thing" and step up to the musical plate to give bad-ass, killer "six string mojo" a new home with a solid foundation that includes a worldwide network of serious heavy guitar freaks who still dig & appreciate "old-school" blues-based guitar rock mojo. This style of music is unfortunately "niche" @ best these daze, however, we don't let that stop us from doing everything in our power to produce and release mega-awesome guitar rock.

Working with some of the best obscure guitarists and bands from around the world, Grooveyard Records has produced & released close to (100) outstanding heavy guitar discs that you can find in our catalog. We will continue to produce and release killer new guitar rock discs/riffage that we believe in as the world keeps on spinning.

We also bring in outside discs by excellent guitarists/bands that we believe in to promote & distribute through our established worldwide network. Our catalog is a combination of discs that we have produced and released + outside discs that we get behind. Serious Guitar Rock is our Religion @ Grooveyard Records.

Special Thanks goes out to all of the kool & solid, outstanding talented guitarists & bands we work with from around the world. Every guitarist we work with is the REAL deal and has a lot to say on their musical instruments. They all dig deep to produce and deliver the Riffage that Matters. We are honored to work with such amazing musical talent on a daily basis. The world is full of six string kings and queens who open your ears and deliver heavy guitar rock dreams.

We'd also like to send out a million Thanks to Sami-Nyx @ ::Nyxian:Drift:: for her phenomenal layout & design + website work and for her endless luv & support, Janne "Sacred Alien" Stark in the land of Sweden for his endless help, support and "musical brotherhood" through the years and let's not forget our #1 good "musical brother" Jimmmy "Truth Squad" Ryan from Ryanetics for his outstanding support, belief and incredible disc reviews + rap sessions full of six string wisdom. And thanks to Steve Huffman and Cathy Hamilton @ Spinergy Media for always going beyond the call of duty & doing an Excellent job with all the Grooveyard discs.

Last but not least, a mega-loud six string salute and Special Thanks to all of the good Musical Brothers & Sisters and distributors worldwide who tune in and score our bad-ass, killer Guitar Rock discs. The Grooveyard appreciates your Excellent interest, support & belief thru the years. Thanks for Keeping the Rock alive.