· GROOVEYARD RECORDS - Best Of - Volume One (GYR100) ·


::T R A C K S::

01. BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND: "Raised On Rock"
From: "Raised On Rock" (GYR065)

02. JOHNNY HUNKINS: "Rock N' Roll Party"
From: "Talladega Pile-Up" (GYR076)

03. JAY JESSE JOHNSON: "Play That Damn Guitar"
From: "Play That Damn Guitar" (GYR050)

04. GUITAR PETE: "Battle Cry"
From: "Raw Deal" (GYR085)

05. BLINDSTONE: "Struck Down By The Blues"
From: "Greetings From The Karma Factory" (GYR091)

06. MOUNTAIN OF POWER: "Talkin' 'Bout A Feeling"
From: "Volume Two" (GYR060)

07. VINCE HAWKINS & COMPANY SLAVE: "Goin' To The Southside"
From: "Self-Titled" (GYR073)

08. DIRTY DAVE OSTI: "Dirtshack"
From: "Burning Down The Dirtshack" (GYR083)

09. PLANKTON: "Humble Colossus"
From: "Self-Titled" (GYR004)

10. CRAIG ERICKSON: "For Your Love"
From: "Big Highway" (GYR030)

11. BRYCE JANEY: "Funky Guitar Blues"
From: "Blues In My Soul" (GYR064)

12. TONY SPINNER: "Knucklehead"
From: "Down Home Mojo" (GYR080)

13. GUGUN POWER TRIO: "Mission"
From: "Solid Ground" (GYR087)

14. SKY HIGH: "Jimi"
From: "Freedom" (GYR007)

15. GREG KOCH: "Foolish Mortals"
From: "Strat's Got Your Tongue" (GYR095)

FORMAT: Audio CD / Sleeve
GYR100 - $5.00

An awesome collection of 15 killer heavy guitar rock tracks compiled from the Grooveyard Records catalog. This special disc lands as an excellent musical document that represents what the Grooveyard is all about. Includes mega-awesome Guitar Rock tracks/riffage by BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND, JOHNNY HUNKINS, JAY JESSE JOHNSON, GUITAR PETE, BLINDSTONE, MOUNTAIN OF POWER w/ JOHN NORUM, VINCE HAWKINS & COMPANY SLAVE, DIRTY DAVE OSTI, PLANKTON, CRAIG ERICKSON, BRYCE JANEY, TONY SPINNER, GUGUN POWER TRIO, SKY HIGH featuring CLAS YNGSTROM & GREG KOCH.

Welcome to the Grooveyard Records: "Best Of" (Volume One) (The Sound Of Guitar Rock) Disc. Prepare to Rock Guitar Heavy with Grooveyard Records.

Cost for this killer Grooveyard disc is only $5.00 USD or you will receive a FREEBIE copy of this bad-ass disc with any/all multiple disc orders of 4 discs or more & this applies to our Special Deal orders.

Grooveyard Records is an indie label from Upstate New York on a mission to keep Real "Old-School" Guitar Rock alive with the killer Riffage That Matters. This "Best Of" disc is an excellent representation of what the Grooveyard is all about. Special Thanks goes out to all of the muscians who landed on our first "Best Of" disc & to all of our good "musical brothers" at the Grooveyard. We are honored to represent all of the talented musicians who play a big part in Keeping The Rock Alive. Thanks to NyxianDrift for the kool Layout & Design work thru the years. Last but not least, thanks to all of the fans & supporters worldwide who tune in and Rock Guitar Heavy with the Grooveyard. We appreciate your excellent interest & support.


Joe Romagnola / Grooveyard Records


"raised on rock"

johnny hunkins
"talladega pile-up'"

jay jesse johnson
"damn guitar"

guitar pete
"raw deal"

"karma factory"

"Volume II"

vince hawkins
"company slave"

dirty dave osti


craig erickson
"big highway

bryce janey
"blues in my soul"

tony spinner
"down home mojo"

gugun power trio
"solid ground"

sky high

greg koch
"strat's got.."

· reviews ·

Established in 1999, Grooveyard Records have kept their promise by keeping Real Old-School Guitar Rock alive with the killer riffage that matters by releasing artists who deliver the goods when it comes to smoking hot heavy blues. Artists such as Megadeth's Chris Poland, Craig Erickson (Trapeze, Glenn Hughes), Tony Spinner (Pat Travers, Paul Gilbert, Toto). Fast forward to the 21st Century - Grooveyard Records has recruited a new breed of "21st Century Classic Rock Warriors" to keep their mission alive. Artists like Stone Machine, Blindstone, Snake Head Ritual, Pebbleman and Gugun Power Trio. Where to start? Well, if you are a fan of guitar music, you will like these compilations, but if you are a "SUPER GUITAR FREAK", like moi, you will LOVE THEM and find yourselves in "Six-String" heaven! "Grooveyard Records: The Sound Of Guitar Rock" is an excellent representation of what Grooveyard Records' mission is all about. Keeping "Guitar Rock" alive! You have some of the hottest blues rock bands on the planet each creating masterpieces of sound that will blow your mind and give goose bumps! Volume One highlights include "Raised On Rock" by Blindside Blues Band that is simply amazing. "Play That Damn Guitar" by Jay Jesse Johnson, wow! His guitar playing...smokin'! The blues power trio from Denmark, Blindstone, lends their talents with "Struck Down By The Blues". Bluesman Craig Erickson shines on "For Your Love". From Indonesia the Gugun Power Trio serve it up hot with "Mission". Volume Two takes over where Volume One left off and just like Volume One this set contains serious doses of blues rock mojo firepower of the "Six-String Kind". It's like throwing a lit match on gasoline! Toledo, Ohio's Snake Head Ritual fires things up with "Northern Boogie", "River Is Risin'" by Johnny Hunkins is up next featuring Jarrod England on vocals & Tony Franklin on bass. One of my favorites, Blindstone from Denmark serve up the soul shaker, "Gonna Be More Suspicious". Dirty Dave Osti gets his licks in with "Pull The Trigger (On Your Love)". Other highlights include The Blindside Blues Band covering the Deep Purple classic "Maybe I'm A Leo", another favorite, Stone Machine offer up "Bye Baby Bye" and "Thirteen Ways" by Bugs Henderson. A total of 30 tracks, the intensity displayed by the musicians on these two compilations make for a memorable listening experience that you will want to experience over and over! Hats off to Grooveyard Records for putting out great music by amazing musicians and KEEPING THE ROCK ALIVE! The "Guitar Freaks" of the world thank you! If blues rock guitar is your scene these recordings are essential.
- Highly Recommended

Tony Sison - The Dedicated Rocker Society / All Access Magazine (June 2014)

Grooveyard Records is an independent record label from New York that was founded in 1999. The company is owned and operated by Joe Romagnola. Joe is a real retro heavy guitar freak who still has a passion for real guitar rock and blues. The purpose of Grooveyard Records is keeping alive the classic riffs of the six string in rock and blues. The music industry has changed over the years. Grooveyard Records wants to give a solid foundation for the serious guitar freaks who still appreciate music based on old school blues guitar rock. Serious guitar rock and blues is the only religion of Grooveyard Records. In order to introduce the music lover to the artists at Grooveyard Records, the company released two compilation albums. "The Sound Of Guitar Rock, Best Of Volume One and Volume Two", each containing fifteen songs from various artists. Well-known artists but also less known. It is an ideal way to discover new artists. The two CDs also have a very attractive price. They cost 5 USD each and if you buy four albums with Grooveyard Records you even get one of the two compilations free.

Volume One was released in December 2012 and starts with heavy blues of The Blindside Blues Band. "Raised On Rock" is a perfect start for this fine disc. Further attractions include Jay Jesse Johnson with his uptempo rocker "Play That Damn Guitar" and rest assured he can play. Another underrated artist is Guitar Pete who pulls out all the stops on the energetic "Battle Cry". Great pedal work on "Struck Down By The Blues" from the excellent Danish power trio Blindstone. Dirty Dave Osti is certainly no stranger to lovers of guitar rock. Pure and solid guitars. Very good work on the lead and rhythm guitar in "For Your Love" by Craig Erickson. For myself, one of the highlights of "Volume One" is "Funky Blues Guitar" by Bryce Janey. Nice rhythm and a guitar that you never get tired of. Another big name in this collection is former Toto guitarist Tony Spinner. "Knucklehead" is funk rock of great class. In Indonesia is one group that knows the ropes of guitar rock. Just listen to "Mission" by Gugun Power Trio. This is music that reminds of Stevie Ray Vaughan. The capper is the instrumental "Foolish Mortals"by Greg Koch.

On Friday, December 13th, 2013 was the release of "Grooveyard Records The Sound Of The Best Of Rock Guitar Volume Two." On this album we find some names which were also present on Volume One but of course with another beautiful song. A solid and driving rhythm is found in the hard rocker "Northern Boogie" from Snake Head Ritual. "River's Risin' by Johnny Hunkins begins with bright sparkling guitar and the guitar throughout the song for are a firework display you will appreciate. From the excellent new album "Earth Music For Aliens" by Tony Spinner we hear "Dust And Ash" . The energetic funky sound of Tony continues to fascinate. Blindstone was also on Volume One with an excellent track. Again, they can be very charming with "Gonna Be More Suspicious". I might also mention that Grooveyard owner Joe Romagnola plays the second guitar here. "Pull The Trigger On Your Love" is one of the best songs from Dirty Dave Osti on his latest album, "Shakedown On Salvation Street". Dave plays all the instruments on this album. The next band, Scarlet Runner, has since changed its name and is now called The Jason Leroy Band. Jason Leroy, as you can tell from "State Of Affairs", is regarded as one of the great talented blues guitarists. Bryce Janey is also on this compilation party. Powerful raw voice and a brilliant guitarist who always takes his six string, we hear again in "Another Fine Day". In the next offering we hear the voice and guitar of Bryce Janey in the company of his father, BillyLee Janey. Together they form The Janeys and they have just released a new album from which we hear the beautiful title song "Get Down With The Blues". A name that appears twice on this album is Craig Erickson. He plays two slow songs - "In The Sky" and "Angel". Personally, I'd rather hear his more intense songs. With "Maybe I'm A Leo" Blindside Blues Band starts with menacing drums, a moment later with a lot of bravado taken over by the very explosive guitar. This is rock that belongs in the list of Hendrix and Cream. Class number. "Thirteen Ways" is a nice reminder to mention the now deceased Bugs Henderson. This American blues guitarist had a lot of success in Europe.

These two collections are both very good rides for those who love real heavy guitar riffs. They are also an excellent opportunity to get to know Grooveyard Records artists at a dirt cheap price. All the artists on these albums can also be found on the Grooveyard Records website with detailed information and one can also order the albums of all the artists on this site.

Walter Vanheuckelom / Rootstime (January 2014)

Killer Riffage That Matters indeed. This power pack features 15 savory slices of absolutely mind-blowing guitar work by 15 different Grooveyard artists that are all infused with the highest standards of groove, feel, tone, chops, creativity, sonic excellence and high octane delivery that has always been the Grooveyard trademark since its inception.

The selections cut across a multitude of heavy rock subgenres like a flamethrower on a carnival ride, and each one possesses that elusive "six string mojo" in spades. The one thing they all have in common is they're all from Grooveyard releases, old and new, hand-picked for this compilation by Grooveyard founder Joe Romagnola.

If you've never heard of the Grooveyard, or if you have but haven't yet "taken the plunge" on a purchase, this is a great place to start. It's a joy to hear such an incredibly wide variety of "boutique" guitar music on one disc, and every track totally smokes with a freshness and feel that stimulates the earbuds and invigorates the soul.. unlike so much highly touted "guitar music" that's out there, slickly marketed and seductively packaged, but yet all too often failing to deliver the goods.

Thankfully, that is not the case here.. and never has been, because Outstanding Total Guitar is what the Grooveyard is all about. This release is a testimony to the mission, spirit and legacy that Joe Romagnola has tirelessly devoted himself to for decades, and he's put it all together here at the Grooveyard for our enlightenment and enjoyment. Thank you, Grooveyard Records – we can't wait for Volume 2!

Jimmy Ryan (Truth Squad) (07.12)

Grooveyard Records is an independent record company based out of upstate New York that bills themselves as dedicated to promoting “Six String Mojo.” Their discs range from heavy guitar rockers to some stunning rock instrumentalists all with an underpinning foundation of the blues, which makes for some really phenomenal blues rock. Best of – Volume One – The Sound of Guitar Rock is a compilation of 15 nonstop, in your face heavy guitar tracks from the Grooveyard catalog.

The beginning of this disc starts out with a large dosage of blues based heavy guitar riffs from great bands like Blindside Blues Band, the outstanding Danish power trio Blindstone and Canadians Vince Hawkins and The Company Slave. However, the real magic of this disc is a block of tracks half way through when you get to “Dirtshack” from Dirty Dave Osti, which is basically a biker blues rock festival wrapped up in to one track. It’s followed by a total change of pace with “Humble Colossus,” which is a twin lead guitar fueled track from Swedish instrumental band Plankton. This track has a trippy distorted vibe that is quite interesting.

There must be something in the water in Cedar Rapids, IA because the next two tracks are from a couple of guys from the same town. First up is “For Your Love” by Craig Erickson and it is filled with some seriously first rate guitar playing in both the lead guitar work and the rhythm work. Then Bryce Janey follows that with the standout “Funky Guitar Blues,” which quite simply lives up to its name. Bryce’s vocals have that gravel tone you’d attribute to too many smokes and too much whiskey that meshes really well with his gritty hard edge soloing.

The guitar player for Toto, Tony Spinner, follows next with a close contender for standout track with “Knucklehead,” another funky rocker. Finally we get to the Indonesian blues rockers Gugun Power Trio. GPT proves that true blues rock knows no geographical boundaries. “Mission” is a great track that combines the best of SRV, Robin Trower and Hendrix in one track. The disc wraps up with “Foolish Mortals,” another mind blowing instrumental track from long time Fender clinician Greg Koch. At times his effortless picking while literally flying all over the fretboard leaves your jaw on the floor wondering how anyone can move so quickly and be so fluid and melodic at the same time without some sort of god-like powers. At times you think he has to be dubbing two parts together. Having seen him play live I can attest to his ability to play like the recording.

Best of – Volume One – The Sound of Guitar Rock is a great collection of some seriously underrated guitar geniuses who deserve more recognition and exposure. So if you’re not familiar with the Grooveyard Records catalog then there probably isn’t a better first exposure to their offerings than this collection of tracks personally chosen by label head Joe Romagnola.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

- Dirtshack
- For Your Love
- Knuklehead
- Mission
- Foolish Mortals
- Funky Guitar Blues

The Big Hit

- Funky Guitar Blues

Kevin ORourke (September 2012)