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Outstanding 5th studio disc by this awesome blues/rock guitar axeslinger from Indiana. Featuring 12 tracks of top-shelf, world-class, powerful, dynamic, ass-kickin', blues-based guitar rock excellence that lands down hard between a rock and a blues place. Combining strong songs and amazing musicianship, complete with an excellent sonic production, it all adds up to create an incredible, sophisticated, memorable blues/rock guitar experience.

Jay Jesse Johnson is a true modern day guitar hero whose bad-ass six string playing skills are through the jam:house roof. Combining amazing technique with feel, killer tones to die for and drawing from excellent vintage musical influences/inspirations, Triple J has created his own stand-out voice on the instrument. The man is a veritable powerhouse guitar rock force to be reckoned with and on "Set The Blues on Fire", Jay Jesse Johnson has nailed down & produced one of his most cohesive & focused musical documents to date. This awesome disc also features the excellent musical talents of Reed Bogart on Bass, Jeff "Smokey" Donaldson on Drums & Lee Evans on Keyboards who all get down with the blues. And last but not least, special mention must go out to the way-kool DC Comic Cover Art created by talented artist Howard Porter portraying Triple J as a Guitar Rock Super Hero!!! (How appropriate, since Jay Jesse Johnson's mega-killer guitar playing lands with Super Human Six String Powers!!!)

The Jay Jesse Johnson: "Set The Blues On Fire" disc is an Essential blues/rock guitar disc that is Highly Recommended to fans of Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower, Frank Marino, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Gary Moore, Pat Travers, Rick Derringer, Joe Bonamassa, Eric Gales, Mato Nanji & Indigenous, Alan Mirikitani & The Buddaheads, Craig Erickson, Tony Spinner, Dirty Dave Osti, Brett Ellis, Mike Onesko & Blindside Blues Band, Martin J. Andersen & Blindstone, Gugun Power Trio, Guitar Pete, Clas Yngstrom & Sky High, along with all other amazing, killer blues-based guitar rock axeslingers on the 3rd Stone From The Sun. Fans of Triple J's previous discs & musical output will heavily dig and appreciate this mega-awesome new Grooveyard Records disc. For Those About To Rock the Blues with JJJ, We Salute You. It's time to crank up the volume & turn up the stellar blues/rock power and "Set The Blues On Fire" with Jay Jesse Johnson.

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jay jesse johnson
"damn guitar"

jay jesse johnson
"axe to grind

jay jesse johnson

"smokehouse II"

Mike Onesko's
Guitar Army

"Volume II"

Tony Spinner
"Earth Music..."

"howlin' at moon"



JAY JESSE JOHNSON - "Ghosts In Texas"



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Jay Jesse Johnson is a little further to the rock side of the blues, working in a quartet with keys from Lee Evans, bass from Reed Bogart and drums from Jeff ‘Smokey’ Donaldson. Jay plays guitar, handles all vocals and wrote all the material here, as well as producing the CD. The presence of the keyboards adds texture but is offset by Jay’s tendency to go over the top in his solos, a good example being “Voodoo Woman” which even opens with some delicate Spanish guitar before the rhythm section sets a driving shuffle – so far so good, but in a succession of searing solos Jay manages to set this reviewer’s teeth on edge. There are some slower tunes such as “Since My Baby’s Gone” which recalls Gary Moore’s style with a ballad and the torrid “Grinding Blues” which has a revealing lyric as Jay is pursued by the law but claims that “firing up my riffage is my only offence” – indeed! Jay has a solid voice that works on both slower material as well as on upbeat tunes like “Wheelhouse Boogie” which speeds along over a ZZ Top style riff over which Jay lays some keening slide work. The melodic instrumental “Rio De Los Sueños (River Of Dreams)” shows just what a fleet-fingered guitarist Jay is but this time he plays in a more contained manner to close out the album. This album will appeal to those who enjoy the heavier style of blues-rock with plenty of guitar pyrotechnics.

Blues Matters Magazine (April 2016)

Set The Blues On Fire is the fifth solo album by Ohio native Jay Jesse Johnson. With a equal parts Robin Trower like explosiveness, some Foghat hard boogie blues and influences from the British Blues Explosion that clearly influenced artists like Bonamassa, JJJ set serves up 12 tracks that deliver on the title tracks promise. From some smokin’ slow blues and fast paced rocking boogie they set the blues on fire from both ends.

Bassist Reed Bogart and drummer Jeff “Smokey” Donaldson combine to deliver a tight rhythm section accompanying JJJ’s guitar throughout this fast-paced, energetic thrill ride that the majority of this album is going to take you on. The frighteningly fast boogie of “Hell or High Water” declares that this band is here to rock you right from the start. The next track “Ghosts of Texas” is where the work of keyboardist Lee Evans work is most prominent with some great organ playing. There is a definite SRV Reese Wynans feel to this one. “Since My Baby’s Gone” is a captivating slow blues with a beautiful guitar tone reminiscent with just that little delay and hint of echo of Gary Moore. The boogie train takes off again with “Wheelhouse Boogie” where the slower pace really lets JJJ take the time to make that guitar groan and growl during the choruses.

Another slower but positively rocking blues is delivered with “Midnight Dream” where the band lays down a rhythm and just lets JJJ go to town for an first-rate solo in the middle. A powerful rhythm section that sets a slightly funky yet ominously dark tone to the warning of “Don’t Mess With Baby.” “If I Knew Then” is a slow burning blues that should not be missed. From there the thrill ride drops off the edge of the precipice with the fast paced “Ace In The Hole.” “Grinding Blues” is exactly what is describes. However, the highlight of this album is the instrumental closing track “Rio de los Suenos (River of Dreams)” which has all the beautiful feel, mood, and superior tone of something you would expect to hear from Eric Johnson. This is truly an amazing song where JJJ shows the depth of his guitar mastery.

With excellent songwriting of Set The Blues On Fire and the killer tone that he can wring out of his Strat, Jay Jesse Johnson delivers a clear message to everyone that he is here to ignite the flame of the candle placing him on the blues-rock altar.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Rio de los Suenos (River of Dreams)
– Midnight Dream
– Ghosts of Texas
– Since My Baby’s Gone

The Big Hit

– Rio de los Suenos (River of Dreams)

Kevin O’Rourke / Blues Rock Review (February 2016)

The blues guitar virtuoso and singer Jay Jesse Johnson and his quartet set the bar very high on Set The Blues On Fire. With a technically perfect guitar style, and a broad imagination, the twelve tracks on this album contain tuneful, tasteful playing, moody singing, and sterling support from keyboard player Lee Evans, bassist Reed Bogart and drummer Jeff Donaldson. There is a definite funk blues sound on the album, with Johnson’s guitar playing being steeped in the style of Hendrix, with the obligatory thick tone, wah wah guitar, and elongated codas. However, all of the solos fit the songs and the mood they are trying to reflect range from the fast and furious Hell Or High Water, to the slightly slower Wheelhouse Boogie, there is some playing that is bound to upset some blues purists, with techniques like two-handed tapping and tremolo arm abuse adding to the myriad moods displayed on this album. However, the best track on the album is the closing instrumental Rio De Los Suenos (River Of Dreams) a long form instrumental that brings to mind Pink Floyd. It is perhaps a lesson that less is more, but it makes up for the overplaying that plagues a few of the lesser tracks, and it would have been nice to have heard some more of the keyboards, but these are minor points. This is a guitar album, with some great playing, and if you are looking for that, then this album will suit you down to the ground.

Blues Matters - UK (Feb/Mar 2016)

American blues rocker Jay Jesse Johnson is one outstanding axe master. He’s delivered nothing but quality discs, and this one is just another notch on the Marshall stack. What I really like about JJJ is that he blends his down to earth, classic blues playing with swift and tricky licks, similar to the way Stevie Ray used to do. In fact Set The Blues On Fire would fit in nicely somewhere between Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Texas Flood”, Joe Bonamassa’s “A New Day Yesterday” and Pat Travers “Makin’ Magic”. His tone is really to die for and the sound is fat. I also really like his rough and bluesy voice. What also makes this album such a stellar piece, is the phenomenal backing band featuring groove master Jeff Donaldson on drums, the funky Reed Bogart on bass and the cool Lee Evans on keyboards. The song material goes from semi-hard blues ballads such as I Knew Then and the outstanding cool guitar master piece Rio De Los Suenos to full out funky rockers like Ace In The Hole and album opener Hell Or High Water. A killer album and indeed it's on fire!

Janne Stark / Stark Music Reviews (January 2016)

This is pro chew-em-up and spit-em-out bluesrock and boogie from Indiana axeman Johnson where he sets the blues on fire just like it says on the title track. And he has a great seasoned voice. You know what you're getting with this kind of allround excellence, and you get it. In addition to the fine guitar riffs and rips there are smooth blues ballads like Since My Baby's Gone and Midnight Train with sweet solos. That's only the first six tracks.

Afterwards, Voodoo Woman begins with some virtuoso acoustic playing and then turns to more electric electricity; Don't Mess With Baby pumps some bass and bluster within the riffs; If I Knew Then is a slice of West Coast Rock; Ace in the Hole invokes the legacy of Hendrix, and closer Rio De Los Suenos is a genuine river of guitar dreams in its fluid instrumental meandering.

Some Diurnal Aural Awe (December 2015)

Set the Blues on Fire, Jay Jesse Johnson’s latest album does indeed set the Blues on fire. This album is fully-loaded with a dozen outstanding original blues songs delivered by one of the most bodacious guitar players around. Johnson surrounds himself with great talent as well. Joining him is bassist Reed Bogart, drummer Jeff “Smokey” Donaldson, and keyboardist Lee Evans, making one tight as hell band.

Johnson jump-starts the ride with full force, delivering a magnificent no-holds-barred performance on “Hell or High Water”. I get charged when the title track “Set the Blues on Fire” kicks in. This one is red hot and flawless. “Ace in the Hole” is an intriguing boat load of fun. Donaldson’s killer beats and Bogart’s deliciously funky bassline set a perfect environment for Johnson to let loose and jam. Another head-turning favorite, “Don’t Mess with My Baby” is a badass song doused in Texas blues and infused with funk. I love the rollicking and gritty “Wheelhouse Boogie”. It’s “roadhouse blues” at its best.

Jay Jesse Johnson has surely got it going on. Set the Blues on Fire is the real deal and I highly recommend.

Phillip Smith - Philly Cheeze Blues (December 2015)

Jay Jesse Johnson first came to our attention in 1983 when we flipped over the cover of Arc Angel’s debut LP for Portrait/CBS and read his name as the guitarist. At the time, JJJ sounded like a young Barry Goudreau (Boston) giving Arc Angel a beautiful guitar polish custom built to make him a star. He next appeared as a member of East Coast band Cryer, then Deadringer where he penned rockers “Balls Out”, “Bring on the Night” and “Unsung Heroes”. By the turn of the millennium Johnson had returned to his Indiana blues roots and was recording with the Blindside Blues Band. Since joining Grooveyard Records with his superb "Play That Damn Guitar" disc, along with two previous independently produced discs, Johnson has focused on his solo career. Set the Blues on Fire continuing his tradition of combining the heavy rock sounds of Foghat and Humble Pie with his own power-blues signature. “Hell Or High Water” gets the 12-track disc moving with a rapid-fire riff followed closely by the pulsating rhythm section of Reed Bogart (bass) and Jeff “Smokey” Donaldson (drums). Not to be lost in a flurry of shredding notes is the undercurrent of keyboardist Lee Evans.

Having worked with hit songwriter Jeff Cannata, Johnson knows a thing or two about writing a catchy tune – and this new disc is full of them. From “Ghost in Texas” to “Wheelhouse Boogie” and “Ace in the Hole” Johnson not only proves his guitar prowess but whips up a healthy dose of toe-tapping groove that makes each song a memorable treasure. On the other side of the note scale, he is also a firm proponent of the “less is more” philosophy when it comes to songs like the Gary Moore-inspired “Since My Baby’s Gone”, the slow grinder “If I Knew Then”, and the moody “Rios De Los Suenos (River Of Dreams)”. Foraging through the gold mine of nuggets, the title track “Set the Blues on Fire” joins “Midnight Dream” and “Grinding Blues” as some of the best riff rockers of JJJ’s extensive career. Layering his soulful baritone over crafted melodies with an added blues edge and swinging beat are what makes the ordinary extraordinary. Yet, it’s the flamenco picking of “Voodoo Woman” as it rolls into a 12-bar shuffle where we find JJJ most at home with his fresh compositions – newly inspired and fully on fire!

Todd K. Smith - The Electric Beard(November 2015)

With a title like Set The Blues On Fire and stunning comic book artwork making guitarist Jay Jesse Johnson out to be an axe slinging superhero, I have to say I expected this fifth album from the triple J to be a rockin' blues powerhouse. What I hadn't factored in was the considered approach and eye for detail the Johnson brings to his music. Hence while Set The Blues On Fire kicks mighty ass, it also has a more mass appeal that could and should propel JJJ into the same league as the likes of Joe Bonamassa.

All twelve tracks on show are based round mighty grooves and a boogie that woogies as only the blues can and when you take into account that Johnson is up there with the best guitarists this genre can fire your way, that's a potent potion. It may come in at track five, but the juggernaut that is this album's title cut is as good a place to start as any, its stinging guitar lines and catchy as hell chorus driven onwards by the irresistible rhythms of Reed Boggart on bass and Jeff "Smokey" Donaldson on drums. The pair are stupendous here and throughout, however what takes this album and raises it beyond a simple retread through well worn paths is twofold, firstly and as you'd expect, is Johnson, his guitar soaring, his vocals seductive – you simply need to experience "Voodoo Woman" to know I'm right. Whereas the second killer instinct this album possesses is Lee Evans and his fabulous keyboard work, which along with the fact JJJ writes utterly fantastic songs, is the main reason why it is no leap of the imagination to suggest Set The Blues On Fire has true crossover potential. Just sit down and take in the throb of "Don't Mess Me Baby", Gary Moore-like tear jerker "If I Knew Then" or Stevie Ray Vaughn wail and thunder of "Ace In The Hole" to understand the power of what's been put together here and how the keys and guitar mesh perfectly. Vocally, JJJ is no singer through necessity, this guy can seriously belt it out, his traditional American drawl infused with the melody of Clapton. It's yet another reason why he has all the tools to hit the big, or should I say, ginormous time.

If you're looking for Johnson to take six string control and throw down some licks, you won't be disappointed, "Hell Or High Water" finding JJJ kicking things off in top gear, while the understated "Midnight Dream" lays down a solo of such precision and feel, you'll be reliving it for days after. Add in the captivating "Rio De Los Suenos (River Of Dreams)" and you'll discover that touch, tone and tenderness are equal weapons to power and potency in the Johnson armoury.

If you get the impression I like this album, you'd be dead wrong. I love it and any follower of the blues will too.

Steven Reid / Sea Of Tranquility (October 2015)

Jay Jesse Johnson was born in rural Indiana. Together with his brothers, he began playing guitar around the age of ten. Under the influence of the old blues masters and early rock and roll idols, Jay began to develop his own style on the guitar. His musical career constantly alternated directions. He played in a lot of famous and lesser known bands and shared the stage with many famous artists such as Robin Trower, Johnny Winter, Pat Travers, Black Sabbath, Foghat, Jefferson Starship and Fabulous Thunderbirds, just to name a few. In 2006 he released his debut solo album, 'Strange Imagination' and his best, "Play That Damn Guitar", in 2009. Actually a must have for all guitar fans. Now Jay Jesse Johnson is ready to 'Set The Blues On Fire' with his fifth solo album. The album contains twelve tracks and was recorded in the Cotton Run Studios in Hamilton, Ohio. Jay Jesse not only wrote all the songs, but he also was responsible for recording, mixing and production of 'Set The Blues On Fire'.

The opener is a very intense and passionate 'Hell Or High Water'. Blues of fine quality. The rhythm section with bassist Reed Bogart and drummer Jeff "Smokey" Donaldson immediately show their class and ensure that their frontman can shine. Lee Evans on keys is less dominant, but very creative in the opener. In 'Ghosts in Texas' keys are dominant and more up front and present. In these quieter blues it is yet again Jay Jesse, who draws attention to himself by his impressive guitar work. Very pleasant number. The seductive power blues ballad 'Since My Baby's Gone' is more than four minutes of pure pleasure. Jesse Jay has the perfect voice to sing these songs. The tempo is then substantially increased for the boogie 'Wheelhouse Boogie'. Johnson goes again destructive rampage on the guitar. Definitely not my favorite track, though the real guitar fans will have a different view, I'm sure. Outside the guitar remains for me not much. The title song 'Set The Blues On Fire' has plenty to offer. Handsome bass grooves of Reed Bogart, impressive percussion of Jeff Donaldson and then the front man who puts the icing on the cake in this steamy blues song, what more could you want? The album continues to impress with the slow 'Midnight Dream'. Of course again with the guitar in the lead, but with enough room for the other instruments.

In 'Do not Mess With Baby' and 'Ace In The Hole' funk influences were mixed with the passionate blues music. The clever riffs here belong to Lee Evans on keys. The second guitar driven power ballad 'If I Knew Then' is supported by the warm sounds of the Hammond. Also in 'Grinding Blues' the guitar sets a destructive pendulum. It must be that Jay Jesse still doubted whether he had any listeners convinced of his class as a guitarist, because the quiet instrumental closer pulls out all the stops on his string instrument. With great class and with varied fingering in 'Rio De Los Suenos' Jay Jesse Johnson will win over the last doubter. The fifth album 'Set The Blues On Fire' by Jay Jesse Johnson is a strong album and definitely a must for fans of bright and shimmering guitar work.

Walter Vanheuckelom / www.rootstime.be (September 2015)

Jay Jesse Johnson has distinguished himself as one of the premier guitar-slingers of the modern era. With his new CD ‘Set the Blues on Fire,’ he does exactly that — in spades! And the fall-out from the flames will be considerable. With the able assistance of Reed Bogart on bass, Jeff Donaldson on drums, and Lee Evans on keyboards, he brings to mind Hendrix, SRV and Johnny Winter all rolled into one. His lucid and considerable chops are a thing to be reckoned with, as he slams his way through 12 memorable tunes that are worthy of his predecessors. The songs are well-produced and well-written, too, harkening back to a time when songwriting and recording technique were as important as the playing itself. But make no mistake, this is about playing like no one has played before. Mr. Johnson, you da man!

Steve Rosen - Author/Journalist - NYC (August 2015)

This is one of those rare releases where you can take the title literally…Jay Jesse Johnson (or Triple J to those “in the know”) does indeed set the blues on fire on this scorching 12 song set. On his 5th release, Jay continues his tradition of creating singular “modern day classic” hard-rockin’, toe-tappin’, finger-snappin’ tunes, all containing jaw-droppin’ technofeel, head-shakin’ tonesmithing and bone crushin’ fret wringing with vocalizations that are at once emotive, gritty and smooth.

Every track features Jay doing what he does best – a well-honed “triple threat” (great songwriting, incredible chops and peerless tonesmithing) developed and refined over decades of devotion to his craft…and each track is highlighted by his innovative and truly stylized electrified melodic guitar playing, focusing and interpreting his licks through the lens of “Da Blooze” with devastating results.

The lead break in the first tune, Hell Or High Water, sets the high bar for the guitar treats in store with a razor blade flame thrower solo which, in true JJJ tradition, seamlessly combines tone to the bone, otherworldly technique and a master’s control of touch, feel and proportion. I actually played it TWICE to make sure I heard what I thought I heard.

Tunes like “Since My Baby’s Gone”, “Midnight Dream” and “If I Knew Then” dive deep into pulsegroove territory with screaming superblues phrasing – a master class. Listen to the lyrics on the title cut – a fantastic narrative nestled in a retro feel sprayed with scorching riffage…on fire indeed! “Voodoo Woman” features a latin-rooted acoustic intro that jumps headlong into an infectious backbeat shuffle. Killer. “Don’t Mess With Baby” and “Ace In The Hole” chug along like a fuel-injected freight train, and “Grinding Blues” showcases a mind-bending, key-jumping, slipsliding screamer of a solo section that, in my opinion, should be considered one of the greatest one-take solos ever committed to record. The closer, “Rio De Los Suenos”, is a majestic major/minor instrumental floating and soaring on a dreamlike tour of the astral plane – the memorable melodies and thoughtful interpretation put Jay’s compositional artistry on display; the arrangement is a masterpiece. Really.

The rhythm section of Reed Bogart (bass) and Jeff Donaldson (drums) lock down the proceedings with genuine legitimacy and authoritative confidence, and keyboardist Lee Evans augments and accentuates the variant grooves and feels here like a tone painter. Inserting colors and textures right where they’re needed, he perfectly frames each track like a work of art, providing the perfect textural background for these innovative blues-based compositions (as well as JJJ’s burning, high-energy melodic excursions within them). Add to this the crisp mix and artful pacing and the result is simply beautiful to behold.

“Set The Blues On Fire” is a major kick-in-the-ass antidote for the plague of high-tech complacency and “paint by the numbers” sterility that all too many guitar-based releases suffer from. JJJ succeeds in rebooting the entire “guitar hero” genre…the cover art here is almost prophetic (created by veteran DC comic artist Howard Porter), casting Jay as a guitar-slinging superhero, laying waste to anyone or anything that challenges him, anytime, anywhere. I wonder if a comic book series or graphic novel is in the works? Well, even though we may have to wait for that, you WON’T have to wait for the fabulous music, super human musicianship and bigger-than-life persona that inspired it.

Jimmy Ryan - Truth Squad / Flyin' Ryan Brothers / Guitar Rock Afficionado (August 2015)

Bluesman Jay Jesse Johnson returns with his latest scorching release, 'Set The Blues On Fire'. Backing Johnson up are the rock solid rhythm section of, Reed Bogart on bass, Jeff "Smokey" Donaldson on drums and Lee Evans on keyboards. 'Set The Blues On Fire' is full of barrell house blues and has that Travers meets Trower vibe to it with a harder edge. For the traditional blues lover, this wouldn't suffice, but for those of us that appreciate the blues, but love the creativity that Pat Travers and Robin Trower brought to the blues and rock, this recording is great! Some artists call their music Blues/Rock and either deliver a Blues album with a couple of '50's sounding rock songs or they put out straight ahead shredding and throw in a couple slow songs with Blues licks but this is the real deal. Jay Jesse Johnson can play like the devil and 'Set The Blues On Fire' is reminiscent of the latter glory days of blues rock. Incredible energy makes this recording a lot of fun. "Hell Or High Water", the down dirty swagger of "Ghosts of Texas", the seductive "Since My Baby's Gone" and the closing scorcher, "Rio De Los Suenos (River Of Dreams) are standouts. The whole album just smokes. I really think it is a rarity for musicians to stay true to themselves especially nowadays but listening to this recording you can feel the "polished grit" throughout. All in all a great find! Would definitely recommend to the mainstream music listener and go all the way up the blues rock aficionado. A musical high for sure. -Highly Recommended-

Tony Sison - The Dedicated Rocker Society / All Access Magazine (August 2015)

A Master Class in Blues Fireworks. "Set The Blues On Fire." The title is self-explanatory, and also the cover makes clear what one gets here: On his fifth disc, guitarist Jay Jesse Johnson, an Indiana native, once more brings us a whole truckload of rock-infiltrated Blues tracks, characterized by powerful, yet also emotional chops. Sworn Melodic/Classic rockers should remember the guitarist from ARC ANGEL, which formed around Jeff Cannata and is known only in their first incarnation with a self-titled debut before Cannata decided to do a revival of Dead Ringer. The latter US lineup, which was active in the late 80s and certainly could be called a supergroup, is still regarded as a career starting point for Jay because he presented himself as a then still completely unknown guitarist in a prominent line-up, which included the two ex-ALICE COOPER, Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith, several members of Blue Öyster Cult and later Ted Nugent/Victory frontman Charlie Huhn. JJJ had appeared repeatedly on albums with Jeff Cannata but he decided a good ten years on to go out under his own name and with a hearty style of Blues Rock. His success has been marked in relevant trade magazines and with blues disciples since his beginnings as a solo artist. Quite rightly, he was compared to both Bonamassa and later Gary Moore. Nothing has changed since then as even his latest album knows to impress through playfulness, dexterity and a lot of emotion. Jay continues his reputation in sophisticated fashion with these twelve most recent exhibits of his work. Moreover, this fiery disc absolutely lives up to its title, becoming a brilliant blues fireworks master class!

Walter Scheurer - Powermetal.de (January 2016)

I own Triple J’s four other solo albums, so it was never going to come as a surprise to me if this album was very good, because that is pretty much what Jay has delivered on every occasion. Unfortunately this time it was not to be “very good”....Why.... Because it is better than very good, it is a Blues Rock MASTERPIECE !! Jay Jesse Johnson has delivered what is in my opinion, his best album yet and from start to finish, this album is simply full of class !! It contains 12 songs and not one of them even comes close to filler material and that’s how deep this album goes... Quality plus !! Jay Jesse Johnsons Guitar playing is simply off the radar and this guy truly is one of the best Blues / Rock Guitarists going around. You can hear it in his playing, the feel he has, the tones he gets and his playing really fits the song. Add to that, the man can sing and sing very well and the band he has assembled featuring Reed Bogart on Bass, Jeff Donaldson on Drums and Lee Evans on Keyboards have all combined to help deliver this phenomenal result. The production on this album is also superb giving it a beautiful big and clear sound that just adds to the pleasurable listening experience. This album really is top shelf material and just oozes class and if you don’t already own it and you love QUALITY BLUES ROCK, get it now !! AMAZING ALBUM !!

David Vear / Grooveyard Brother from Downunder (January 2016)